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We stay on top of our industry by creating solutions that are cost friendly in value propositions.
We are constantly innovating through R&D and clients feedback.

Fuel Sensing - Vistaassets.com

Fuel Sensing & Monitoring

Fuel usage is often prone to constant change. Thus, our technology helps you monitor your fuel consumption, provide live report of fuel levels and status at every point in time.

Asset Tracking - Vistaassets.com

Asset Tracking & Recovery

In both software and hardware, we run an efficient asset tracking and recovery system that enable you to manage and monitor all your personal or company assets through bar-codes.

Fleet Management - Vistaassets.com

Fleet Management Solutions

We provide a solution that fundamentally minimizes your fleet operation cost thereby saving more money and increasing productivity.

Car Tracking - Vistaassets.com

Car Tracking

Get real-time car tracking reports on your device with no delay to avoid theft and misuse.